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With his visionary words, Melvin Williams unravels fresh thoughts for a productive life…

Walk for fresh air a clear and clean conscience since yesterday does not define today its time to refresh your spirit into a difference granted without rules and so easy to walk through at any stage of your life
He speaks an undying inspiration to all of those who long for hope…..
Even though the miles are thick and spread high you have remained a part of my heart and mind

An offbeat look at love and life….
see a woman you love, love her with all your heart see a man you adore, hug him if he was the last see a need for a friend, open your heart to help them without question and family is forever
All while bringing to light controversial issues that play such a big part in our society…

No matter how or how many words you turn around in context who has really been granted the Freedom of Speech?
But he leaves you with a sense of protection and warmth….

There's no need to run or be afraid, trust in my words, promises are secure every night we pray.

Melvin Williams will walk you through life as he sees it; playing on your emotions and stimulating your mind and heart. This is passion at its best.
Moving forward Moving up You’re almost to the finish line Don’t you dare stop!
Preface If anyone ever asked me “How did you become a writer?” My answer would be “It just happened.” As a teenager, family stress changed my outlook on life. I needed an outlet and form of expression. Basically, I wanted a new voice that others wouldn’t recognize. Family members, as loving and supportive as they were while I was growing up, always told me I’d be successful in my goals. At the time, I was more concerned about surviving my birthdays. Each birthday offered a new trial and test of my wits. For example, at age 9, I was pinned down by a log and a nine inch nail in my leg. I spent my birthday in the hospital.

But, how did my writing get started? It happened out of desperation. Although my teachers in junior high regarded my academic achievements as excellent, writing assignments were not my favorite tasks. I chose to draw pictures or doodle in my notebook different ideas. I was bored. When my English teacher gave me a writing assignment, I postponed finishing the assignment until a couple of days before the due date. Band, science, and mathematics were my favorite and successful classes; however, I received grades between a B and C on my writing assignments in English class. When I finally buckled down and forced my thoughts onto paper, my teacher found that (with a red pen) my grammatical structure was correct; however, my outline, supporting details, and thoughts usually needed more revision. My English teacher caught me drawing during her lecture and did not chastise me after I set my pen down. After class, she saw my drawing and told me that if I could express myself in my thesis papers with the same detail of my drawings, I would definitely produce exceptional papers.

It’s funny. Even though I despised a thesis papers, I started writing love poems and other short poems. Eventually, I submitted several poems to periodicals in the Writer’s Market for publication. Every self addressed envelope was returned with a rejection letter. I took each letter hard but as constructive criticism. Whom am I kidding? I wanted to be published but instead of wasting money on postage. I was convinced that some people were not ready for my writing style.

Inspirational Inauguration:

As we enter a new decade of life, the establishment of a declaration of personal freedom is a significant milestone. The process of change may sometimes seem as a difficult endeavor; however, the rewards (or light at the end of the tunnel) outweighs the small stumbles and falls encountered along the way. It must be a conscience effort on your part to now turn your utmost efforts into a positive direction to reestablish a balance in all areas of your life. In such an undertaking, a clear and concise understanding about yourself will play a central role by enabling you to conduct innovative development and a capacity of building the life you so desire.

In his personal diaries, he takes us through one journey of his heart.
I have regained my faith that the woman in my dreams still breathes. Although, I cannot see her face. I know through my prayers that you will bring her back to me safely. It’s cold and windy outside tonight as I download my thoughts into the peace and quiet of the night.

Sometimes, I wonder what she’s doing at this very moment. I feel I have waited my whole life to breathe when she breathes as we fall asleep peacefully in one another’s arms. Love, I know this sounds a bit too dramatic coming from a man. However, I can’t explain the constant urges that compel me to keep searching for traces of her footsteps.

He spirit walks in tune with mine. It may sound weird but it’s like picking up other channels on my television. In my dreams, I see faces of people I have never met before and I awake with these memories. These memories feel like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle waiting to be put into place. I have my moments that I get discouraged Chasing Rainbows into the Sand…

Relationships and Love: Game Over Why is it necessary for a man or a woman to play with the time or feelings of another of the opposite sex? The truth is ignorance prevails where playing with people's hearts begin. Haven't you ever had a good person walk into your life, but you knew inside that you were not ready to have this person in your life.

Maybe you had a few things to work out with yourself. Perhaps, a little soul searching was needed on your part to become ready. Were you honest enough with the other person and disclose this information? I would assume as most, you probably kept it a secret and went into a relationship with a bag of personal problems. I don't believe you were fair to the other person and neither do you.
You know you would not want someone to misuse and abuse you. I bet you would drop someone like a hat if they wasted your time too. What if the person played with your emotions until they worked out an issue with an old flame? What if the person was an ex-lover whom they discussed with you before? Would you stick around and take anymore abuse? I think we both know the answer to these questions.

It's funny how this domino effect started with not honestly communicating with your partner. I don't mean just talk about what went on in each other's day. Let put some feeling into it! How about expressing how you really feel and be a little vulnerable?
If you're not willing to be a little vulnerable with the person you love, who will you be vulnerable with. Maybe or maybe not, yourself? You've already taken the risks in finding a partner. I may sound like I'm jumping all over the place, but that's ok. I know I will loose a few women with this next one.

"A man is the king of his castle." The ladies will understand this one. I said ladies. I know there are many women in the world, but there really are just a handful of ladies. It time to set something straight. A man really deals with more pain and rejection than a woman will ever know. Why would I say that? The fact is a man does not always express his emotions in the manner you expect him to. Just because, he's not hollering, shouting, and acting a fool about what happened does not mean he is not in pain. However, a lot of women think when I say that a man is the king of his castle that it has something to do with being the boss or the authority over his woman's every decision. If you think in that narrow minded way, you're wrong. Like I said before, he deals with racial, hate, work, school, other women's opinions, other men's opinions, religion, problems his friend's involve him into, the traffic on the way home, a bad day at work, (if he has kids) all the pressures of fatherhood or the issues of seeing his kids, all before he puts his key in the front door. The last place he should have hell to pay is in his own home.

This is where he should be a king and his woman do everything out her way to treat him like one. Now, let me say one thing before I get a bunch of angry responses from the ladies. HE MUST BE YOUR GENTLEMAN and SHE MUST BE HIS LADY IN EVERY HONORABLE, TRUST, LOVEABLE AND RESPECTFUL WAY. . Everybody else might be wasting time because they never stopped playing childhood games.
To understand and have a life of happiness, you must learn why the game is over.
Eyes of the Beholder After a sweltering episode of hot sex with my next-door neighbor, I needed a shower to cool off because it feels like a sauna in my room. The boiler must be out again. This water is freezing cold. “What am I talking about?” Anyway, I decided to lie down for a minute or two. I’ll wake up in about an hour to take out this hot garbage. I wish this landlord would fix this old building.
With doorways that creak and hallways that smell of a urine infested stench from the alcoholic bums, residents don’t ever have a chance to experience the quality of finer living like the Four Seasons or the Marriot. Now, that’s upper-class style and my preference when I can afford it.