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“I only need to see sunshine one time to know that the sun rises.” – Those are words of wisdom from the inspirational and motivational new poet, named Melvin L. Williams; a young Black male who is filled with a zest for life, tempered with what others describe as an old soul.  “I tend to favor the conversation of folks older than I,” Melvin explains.  By the age of seventeen, he had already formulated what he considered to be his plan for success; deciding to join the military and then go on to college, Melvin was intent upon choosing and enjoying a fulfilling career that would become his business.  “I have a vision for how to live the “good life,” he says, explaining why he’s refused to settle long-term for a boring job or doing something just because it's expected of him.

Born in Lafayette, LA but raised in Beaumont, TX, Melvin L. Williams was right on course and following his dream when he entered the United States Marine Corps in 1990.  He would eventually move to Washington, D.C. before choosing to make his home in Virginia where, after becoming a certified massage therapist, he founded Spirit Massage and Bodywork, in 2001.  “I love helping people. I became a massage therapist to offer a holistic care service, to rehabilitate patients and lessen the “aches and pains” for people in this high paced society,” Williams states.  It’s not the first time he’s helped others; he also volunteered at a homeless and drug rehabilitation center, where he enjoyed teaching residents basic computer skills.  Even as a child, he enjoyed making seasonal collages for his community.  

Melvin’s insatiable curiosity for life keeps him in constant study. Currently attending George Mason University, he is going for his BS in Biology with a concentration in Biotechnology, in Fairfax, VA.  This multifaceted young man chose to add a book to his repertoire is no surprise; from the time he was very young, Melvin has always loved art, music, and creative writing.  His mother encouraged him to use the arts as a creative outlet. So, in 6th grade, Melvin joined the band and he played trombone.  At the age of 17, he began writing both romantic and socially motivated poetry for West Brook Sr. High School’s magazine, Mirrors, but a tragedy occurred when he lost his first collection to a crashed hard drive.  It wasn’t until 2002 that he started a new poetry collection.

Since then, Mr.Williams has been determined to leave his mark. With a book scheduled for release later this year, he has plans for another series of books in the future, and isn’t about to limit himself just to poetry.  In addition to prose, Melvin L. Williams also enjoys writing short stories, plays, and loves to perform his poetry during ‘open mic‘nights at various clubs.  He describes his writing as being, “from the heart and genuine, “and judging by his ever-growing number of fans, it’s just what today‘s readers want!